After almost 3 months of an intense adventure, we have ended the 4th iteration of the HNG Internship. The HNG Internship is a software development and design internship by, and this iteration was done in partnership with Oracle, Figma and Bluechip Technologies. The goal is to find the most talented designers and developers in Africa.

The way it works is that there is a giant slack channel - in this internship, 3000 people started - and each week coding and design tasks are given. Those who succeed at the tasks remain, while those who do not are removed from the channel. The tasks get harder and harder, with the final tasks being very complex.

The idea is that this method allows the very best, and fastest learners to remain till the end, while introducing a lot of tools and techniques to those who do not make it to the end.

All the interns are paid as they work, right from the start. This ensures that everyone can provide power, internet and other neccessities, and nobody is unduly disadvantaged. In addition to this, we partnered with 15 hubs and co-working spaces where the interns could be.

We worked on Git using Github, PHP with Laravel, MySQL, Oracle JET and all design was done using Figma.

At the beginning, we were 3,000 who started. Only 28 people completed it. These are some of the best upcoming talents in Nigeria.


Here is sample of feedback from people:



And more feedback on twitter here and here.

Here is the list of all those who made it to the end, in no particular order:


Name Photo Skills Status Twitter Comment
Mfonobong Umondia Mfomobong Umondia UI/UX Designer Undergraduate @bella_mfonobong A brilliant designer. Did the last internship without a laptop, and this internship became one of our top designers
Oluwadamilola Soyombo Damilola UI/UX Designer Post NYSC @iam_dharmy Top designer - understands product very clearly and knows how to interprete it in a way that makes beautiful resultsTop designer - understands product very clearly and knows how to interprete it in a way that makes beautiful results
Fayemi David Fayemi David Temidayo UI/UX Designer 200 Level @KingFayemi Another great designer - can make any product look really great
Jeremiah Righteous Jeremiah UI/UX Designer 300 Level @Jeremiahriz One of the fastest people who learned product design I have ever met. Intuitive understanding of how product interfaces work
Dike Thelma Kelechi Dike Thelma Kelechi UI/UX Designer Post NYSC @Dikethelmak One of our best designers - understands product quickly and can make them nice

Frontend Developers

Name Photo Skills Status Twitter Comment
Nedy Udombat Nedy Udombat Front-end 400 Level @nedy_codes A great and hardworking frontend developer. Highly productive and one of the people contributing the most to the projects
Janet Arisah Janet Arisah Front-end Post-NYSC @Jayarisah A reliable frontend coder that has consistently delivered great work
Olasupo Abdulhakeem Adigun Olasupo Abdulhakeem Adigun Front-end Post NYSC @HakeemOlasupo09 A solid and good frontend coder
Blessing Akpan Blessing Akpan Front-end Undergraduate @interactive_bee Very determined problem solver. Learns very fast and is a great frontend coder
Osumgba Chiamaka Osumgba Chiamaka Front-end Pre-Nysc @KindnessOsumgba Fast thinker, very motivated, always working and delivering frontend code
Oghenero Paul-Ejukorlem Oghenero Paul-Ejukorlem Front-end Undergraduate @nerocodes One of our high-output frontend code deliverer. Very reliable, with great frontend work
Olumese Everitus Olumese Everitus Full-Stack Post NYSC @EOlumese Top intern of the batch - great at backend and frontend. Consistently delivers good work
Onwuorah Okechukwu Onwuorah Okechukwu Full-Stack Post NYSC @benjorah_ Great full-stack coder. A great contributor to all teams
Mercy Ikpe Mercy Ikpe Front-end Undergraduate @Mercyikpee Migrated from another career to front-end development through sheer determination. One of our top contributors
Weke Samuel Weke Samuel Front-end Undergraduate @samuelweke Great Front developer and great with team collaborations

Backend Developers

Name Photo Skills Status Twitter Comment
Steven Victor Steven Victor Back-end Post NYSC @Stevensunflash One of the best backend coders I have met. My full recommendation
Adedeji Stephen Adedeji Stephen Back-end Post NYSC @Ionwarez Does great work - a solid contributor to any team
Shafi Abdulrahman Shafi Abdulrahman Back-end Post NYSC @AvatechNG Problem solver with great backend skills
Ominiabohs Efemena David Ominiabohs Efemena David Back-end /Blockchain Post NYSC @Orpheusohms Can solve the most complex of problems. Highly capable and extremely fast learner. Very strong coder
Wisdom Anthony Wisdom Anthony Back-end 300 Level @WisdomAnthoni Very good backend coder - can handle projects of any complexity reliably
Jimoh Muheez Jimoh Muheez Full-stack Pre NYSC @kng_maaj Very good full-stack coder - does both frontend and backend
Iruene Adokiye Iruene Adokiye Back-end Post NYSC @Adokiye_ Very good backend coder - can handle projects of any complexity reliably
Victor Ugwueze Iruene Adokiye Back-end Post NYSC @victor_ugwueze One of our top coders - always top deliverer of the team
Orie chinedu orie chinedu Back-end Post NYSC @Oriechinedu Certainly among our top 5 backend coders. Great work - I depend on his work
Dennis Otugo Dennis Otugo Back-end Post NYSC @wesleyotugo Amazing at dev-ops AND backend development. Managed the server the enter time. Very fast code contributor
Chidinma Juliet Chidinma Juliet Back-end Post NYSC @Dimmajuliet16 One of our top developers, and with strong leadership abilities. Solved many of the teams code problems for them
Chigozie Ekwonu Chigozie Okwuonu Back-end Post NYSC @Chygoz2 A great backend coder. One of my favorites. Delivers really good code
James John James James John James Back-end 300 Level @jjaycodes A solid backend coder - great team member, and always delivering excellent work


Name Photo Skills Status Twitter Comment
Seyi Onifade Seyi Onifade Project Management / Back-end Post NYSC @xyluz Also second time mentoring. A world-class software developer
Chidi Okoye Chidi Okoye Project Management / Front-end Pre NYSC @okoyecb A great frontend coder who decided to also work on project management in the internship. Second time being an internship mentor
Kingsley Ukeje Kingsley Ukeje Project Management / Design NYSC @rogue__kvng Great at project management and design
Gabriel Umoh Gabriel Umoh Project Management / Back-end Pre NYSC @gab_umoh Project Manager at
Ridwan Lasisi Ridwan Lasisi Product Designer. / Social Media Post NYSC @_yhincah Incredible designer. Also managed our Social Media for the internship.